LIfeguard Classes

Looking to Earn Your Lifeguard Certification?

Aquatic Safety is a top priority for us at Five Points Washington. Because of that, we take pride in being a facility that offers American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification courses. By hosting these classes, we are able to provide our community with the knowledge and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to aquatic emergencies, beyond our own facility.

The American Red Cross Lifeguarding classes are designed to teach you not only the basics of water safety but also the proper protocol when dealing with any emergencies around water. The Red Cross blends both traditional lecture styles with crucial hands-on training in order to teach effective techniques to deliver prompt care to those in need. Learn how to respond safely and efficiently to water emergencies with lifeguard classes from the American Red Cross.


Required Pre-requisites

Participants must be at least 15 years of age.

Successfully complete a
300-yard continuous
swim using: front crawl, breaststroke, or a combination of both.

Successfully swim 20 yards, retrieve a 10 lb object from a depth of 7-10 ft using a surface dive, then return to starting point swimming with both hands on the object and keeping face at or near the surface of the water.

Successfully tread water for 2 minutes using legs only.

Failure to complete the
pre-requisites will result in removal from the course.

Lifeguard Certification:


Course Structure:

  • This is a Blended Learning Course. Participants will attend the first class to perform the pre-requisite swim tests, receive their materials for the course, and begin their introduction to the course (details listed above).
  • Then, during the time between the pre-requisite and the next scheduled class date, they will be tasked to complete the online learning portion of the course at their own leisure. Most other facilities who offer trainings,  require you to attend this training in a classroom. We have been conducting Blended Learning Courses for years and they are highly favorable.
  • Then to conclude the certification, you will attend a two-day, hands-on, training in our Aquatic Center.

Participants must complete the entire online learning portion (about 7 hours) prior to concluding the course. Additionally, the participant must be in attendance for ALL class days to be properly certified.

In order to pass the course, participants must successfully demonstrate all land scenarios and in-water skills and complete both multiple-choice tests with a score of 80% or higher.

*Refunds will not be given if a participant fails the course (this includes the online content or in person training).

*Refunds will not be given to no shows or  cancellations for a lifeguarding course.

*Pre-reqs can be arranged for another time than what is listed. Attendance is mandatory for the class dates.


Upcoming Classes?


June 3rd and 4th, 9 AM - 5 PM

Pre-Req's: May 23rd from 5-6 PM (can be rescheduled for another date)

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Next class will be this fall. Date TBD

Initial Certification Courses are $375

*valid for 2 years.


Questions? Contact Brad Weaver at

Ask about our employee Incentives for Lifeguard classes and Re-Certs!

Lifeguard Recertification:


Lifeguard recertification can be achieved with Lifeguarding Review classes that refresh your knowledge and skills and update your certification for another two years.

For lifeguard re-certification you must hold a current Red Cross Lifeguarding Certification.

All participants will perform the pre-reqs at the start of the class. Anyone who fails the pre-reqs will automatically fail the course and will not receive a refund.

Re-Certification Classes are offered January-May and once in the Fall.


Upcoming Classes?


May 13th from 9 AM - 5 PM

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Re-Certification Courses are $135.

*Valid for another 2 years


Questions? Contact Brad Weaver at

Ask about our employee Incentives for Lifeguard classes and Re-Certs!