Kids Clubhouse

We know it can be tough trying to work out and watch the kids at the same time. Imagine running a lap while your 2-year-old wanders around the dumbbells. It’s simply out of the question! You need a better solution.

At Five Points Washington, we provide child care to all of our family memberships. Our goal is to make your workout as stress-free as possible in order to promote your mental health. We want you to have fun while you work out and to de-stress while you’re here. So lace up your sneakers knowing that your kids will be in good hands.

For pricing information about our child care options, please call us at (309) 444-8222.


Kids Clubhouse Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday:
8 AM - 12 PM
1 PM - 5 PM

Evening Hours

Monday and Wednesday.
4 PM - 8 PM

Five Points Kid's Events


Creative Writing: Journaling Class

A five-week class on Tuesday evenings from 5:15-6:00 PM

Class begins January 10th, 2023

This is an easy-going 45-minute class where tweens learn to express their fluctuating thoughts and emotions in journal entries.

Ages: 10+

Cost: 65.00

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December Parent's Night Out (December 17th from 5-7:30 PM)

Cost: 30.00

Parents, drop your kids off for a themed night of fun! Kids will have a blast at our Parents Night out with the staff that they know and love!

Our December Parents night out will include many fun activities such as:

-Ornament Decorating

-Creating Christmas Cards

-Photos with Mrs. Claus!

-Games and much more!!

Pizza and dessert will also be provided!

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STEM SERIES Class 2: Index Card Bridge Challenge & Marble Maze Challenge

Description: Marble Maze - Participants will be placed in groups of 2-3. Each group is to design a track for a marble to travel on. Each group will only be given 1 piece of cardboard and a box cutter. The goal is for their groups marble to be traveling the LONGEST amount of TIME possible. On test day, the instructor will drop a marble in the track and then the marble will be timed with a stopwatch. The marble must be always moving and cannot stop. Once the marble stops rolling, the stopwatch will stop and that will be that groups time.

Index Card Bridge - Participants will be put into groups of 2-3. Each group must design and construct a bridge made from index cards. The goal is to design a bridge that can hold the greatest amount of weight without collapsing. On test day, the instructor will add small weights to the center of the bridge until the bridge collapses. Whatever amount of weight was on the bridge at the time of collapse is the weight that will count for that group. The group whose bridge holds the most weight will win.

When: 1/15, 1/22, 1/29, 2/5

Time: 2:00-2:45pm

Who: 4-6th Grade (maximum of 15, minimum of 4)

Price: $110

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Growing Strong

Allow your child to enjoy supervised activities in the gym! Your child must check into the Kids Clubhouse to participate in the Growing Strong program. For ages 3 to 11. Children must be potty trained.

Growing Strong Hours

9 AM-11 AM

Interested in 2 free hours of child care?

For members with a family plan, we offer 2 hours of FREE child care. If you are interested in other perks that our membership plans offer, please visit our Membership Page.