Aquatic Training

Five Points Aquatic Training is great for those in or finishing therapy/rehab or anyone who wants private instruction.

Aquatic Training is a new program designed to help individuals train while offering the benefits of water activity.

Aquatic training uses the physical properties of water in a training program individually created for individuals for overall fitness as well as to work on particular muscle groups or to address certain conditions. Training in an aquatic environment uses the buoyancy properties of the water to help support the weight of the individual, which puts less stress on the joints. In addition, the buoyancy of the water combined with its warmth can be helpful for numerous medical conditions such as arthritis or for individuals with healing fractures.

Aquatic training sessions are designed to fit any need and any exercise level, from working on flexibility to doing HIIT workouts in the pool. There really is something for everyone!

If you are interested in scheduling a session just download and submit the request form below. Those who submit a request form will be paired with one of our experienced Aquatic Trainers and a program will be designed just for you!

Session Details:

Aquatic Training’s are 30 minutes long and are 1 on 1 sessions.

They can occur any day and time in either of our pools.

What is the Cost?

Single sessions can be purchased for $30 each or you can purchase a 5 pack for $100.

Instructors Available:

Denise Cooksey
Sarah Sutter
Susan Weick
Michelle Foley
Mary Thompson

Want more information?

Contact Mason Kleiber for more information or download the training request form below! Aquatic Training Request Form

Aquatic Training E-Mail Request