Aquatic Fitness Classes

Water Fitness Classes are a great alternative for or supplement to land classes because they place less impact on the joints, allow for a larger, full range of motion of the muscles, and provide stability for those with limited balance. The warm water can also aid in pain management. The best things for participants about water classes is that everyone works at their own pace!

We offer many different classes throughout the day from 6am-6:45 pm. To learn more about our classes offered, time and instructor, click on our orange Aquatic Class Schedule button under the picture. Our Aquatics Manager, Brad Weaver would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our classes offered.

Enjoy the water, it is a wonderful way to gain strength and increase cardiovascular health while providing an environment that is easy on your joints.


Lap lanes 1-3 are reserved for lap swimmers

Lane 4 is the swim lesson lane and may be used periodically throughout the day for swim lessons.

Swim lessons will take place in any of the pools throughout the day but will maintain social distancing as well.

Our Classes

Our Aquatic Center offers a broad range of fitness classes for our members
Join any of the following aquatic fitness classes today:

Ai Chi
Similar to Tai Chi, this class combines deep breathing and slow, broad movements that promote balance. (Low Intensity)

Aqua Arthritis
Uses the waters resistance and a variety of equipment to provide gentle stretching and light cardio exercises. (Low Intensity)

Fun & Fit
This class is the next step up from Aqua Arthritis. Uses the waters resistance and a variety of equipment for cardio work, strength training, and stretching. (Moderate Intensity)

Aqua Fit
Uses the waters resistance and various equipment to improve cardio endurance and strength train. Promotes a strong core and body. (Moderate to High Intensity)

Aqua Power
Focuses on cardio and core work. This vigorous routine includes HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) concepts, uses various equipment strength training, and touches on balance work. (High Intensity)

Deep Water
This class is a suspended class and can be done with or without the use of a flotation belt. It combines deep/shallow water travel, cardio, sprints, cycling, strength training, and core. (High Intensity)

This is a 45-minute nonstop water-based workout that guarantees to get your heart pumping and burn calories. With a combination of bursts of intense exercise and varying rest periods, this class is a FUN way to train and strengthen your whole body. (Highest Intensity)